Orthodontic Treatment Services

With a range of orthodontic treatment options from Batastini Orthodontics, we can help you achieve a bright, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. From regular orthodontic checkups to applying a variety of braces; our father and son orthodontic team will provide you with the quality of care you deserve.



Spring aligners are used when patients need an anterior correction through minor rotation and resetting of the teeth. Depending on the patient and how much rotation they need, Dr. Batastini will choose the correct spring aligners to direct the movement. Also, spring aligners can be used for preventative maintenance, by moving back drifted teeth to their original finish.


Palatal expansion with a fixed orthodontic device is used to widen the upper arch and to obtain room for tooth alignment. The RPE is manually adjusted with a specialized orthodontic tool as needed.


Orthodontic headgear is a very important part in helping some patient’s achieve the best results from their braces. The headgear is used as a special force to guide the growth of the patient’s face and jaws. It is also used to improve the position of teeth and/or help prevent teeth from moving in an adverse manner. For proper results, headgear should be worn on a regular basis. If it is not worn properly, treatment time may be extended and Dr. Batasntini may need to alter your treatment plan.

Things to remember when it comes to headgear:

  • Always be careful to remove your headgear properly. If removed carelessly, your headgear could injure your lips, cheeks, face, or eyes.
  • Do not try to lift your orthodontic headgear over your face.
  • Do not wear your headgear while running or playing sports.
  • Never try to take off your headgear until the straps have been disconnected.
  • Do not allow anyone to grab or pull at your headgear.

While we understand that wearing orthodontic headgear may not be very much fun, when it is recommended in your treatment plan, you will need to wear it to get the results you are looking for. If you follow the headgear instruction exactly, you will complete your headgear treatment plan faster. This small sacrifice will be worth it in the end.